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Title Modified Date Visits
Interesting uses of awk command. 04 November 2014 800
Understanding Programming Paradigms 18 March 2014 7689
Which Java collection to use? 10 February 2014 77565
Dynamic Loading using Java Reflection and Properties. 09 August 2012 26355
AspectWerkz – Declaring war on spaghetti code 04 August 2012 9822
AspectWerkz with Spring dependency injected aspects 01 March 2012 6895
Database - Best Practices 01 March 2012 3638
Database Design Practices 01 March 2012 4234
S.O.L.I.D Design Principles 01 March 2012 5494
Writing User Stories Effectively 01 March 2012 9918
Native vs Green threads 01 March 2012 6896
Class.forName() and DriverManager.getConnection() 28 February 2012 14760
Database Usage Practices 26 February 2012 2847